Tile bridge for WolfVision EYE Cameras

Tile Bridge (for EYE Cameras)

The Ceiling Tile Bridge is designed to help install the EYE series cameras into a standard grid of a suspended ceiling (2' x 2' or 2' x 4').

Made of aluminium to ensure a light but sturdy construction, it fits standard ceiling grids in both American and European sizes. The EYE cameras are attached to the Tile Bridge using a camera mount. The mount can be rotated 360 degrees and moved across the Tile Bridge, in order to align the camera with the working surface.

A white trim ring is included to dress up the ceiling tile once the EYE Camera is properly adjusted and in position.
Close up lens for WolfVision EYE Cameras

Close-up lens

Using the optional Close-Up Lens allows EYE-14 Cameras to be used like a "Desktop Visualizer", enabling objects to be focused in close proximity to the camera. The close-up lens is not necessary if the distance between the bottom of the camera and the working surface is greater than 477mm (18.8“/1.56‘).

Technical data: High resolution achromatic lens, focus range 310-460mm (12.2“/1.02‘ – 18.3“/1.53‘), focal distance: f=477mm (18.8“/1.56‘), lens diameter: 50mm (1.97“), attachment thread: M46 x 0.75, weight: 54g (1.9oz).

Note: Using a close up lens with an EYE-14 Camera requires an additional adapter ring, available to order separately. (Article ID 112021).

External infrared receiver for WolfVision EYE cameras

External Infrared receiver

An optional external infrared receiver with 10m (32.8ft) cable, and status LED is available as an optional accessory for EYE Camera Systems.
Ceiling mount for WLAN stick - for use with WolfVision VZ-C6 and EYE-14 Cameras

Ceiling Mount for WLAN Stick (EYE-14)

A ceiling mount for the WLAN stick is available for the EYE-14. This mount provides easy access to the WLAN stick for users in installations where the EYE-14 is installed into a suspended ceiling.

Inclined working plate for use with WolfVision EYE cameras

Working Plate (for Cameras

Working plate in crystalline white for perfect reproduction of transparencies and reflecting material like photos or glossy brochures. The working plate is 12° inclined in order to avoid reflections.

Size: Length: 320 mm (12.6"), Width: 430 mm (16.9"), Height: 10-40 mm (0.4"-1.6"), Inclination: 12°