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This page is provided as a service for WolfVision customers, who are looking for information on where to buy accessories for our Visualizers and cameras. Of course it is not a complete list of all available products on the market and we can not guarantee that all products from these manufacturers work well with our units!

TeamMate WriteZone with Vision Hoop

The TeamMate WriteZone desk with Vision Hoop has been specially designed to accommodate the WolfVision VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer with XXL dry-erase working surface.
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Revolabs HD Single/Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

This compact wireless microphone system has been tested and found to be suitable for use in combination with our recording Visualizers and cameras.
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Revolabs HD Single/Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

Extron Lockit System - for HDMI cables

WolfVision HDMI ports are equipped with additional fittings so that systems for securing cables such as Lockit from Extron can be used.
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Extron Lockit System

Perfect Path HDMI Cables with Built-in Lock

Perfect Path HDMI cables with built-in cable clamp/lock for securing the cable can be used with WolfVision HDMI ports.
Perfect Path HDMI Cables

Wireless HDMI Extender

The Wireless for HDMI Extender extends high-quality uncompressed HDMI audio/video at resolutions of up to 1080p/60 Hz to any remote display location up to 80 feet (25 metres) away without the hassle of wires. The Wireless for HDMI Extender employs advanced high-frequency radio technology to support the high multi-gigabit data transfer rates of HDMI with digital audio. This is a perfect solution in scenarios where traditional cabling cannot be applied. The plug-and-play installation makes it simpler than ever to extend HDMI across a room or to a ceiling projector in a matter of minutes, all without ever having to run cables and drill through walls or ceilings.
For more information please contact: [email protected]
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Wireless HDMI Extender

Extenders (RGB Signal over Twisted Pair / LAN Cables) (for all Visualizers and Cameras)

Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables can be found everywhere in today's buildings because they are required for the computer networks and telephones. These cables can also be used to transmit an RGB signal (e.g. transmitting the image from the Visualizer to a projector). A "Transmitter" and a "Receiver" is required. These products are available from various manufacturers. WolfVision tested the following Extron units:
VGA Twisted Pair Transmitter pictured on the right from Extron. Price: approx. Euro 230.
VGA Twisted Pair Receiver from Extron
Price: approx. Euro 250.

RS232/LAN Converter (For Visualizers without serial interface like the VZ-3 or VZ-8 4th Generation models)

Some WolfVision Visualizers do not have an RS232 port. Customers who need to connect a VZ-3 or VZ-8 4th Generation unit to devices that only have an RS232 port can do so by using an RS232/LAN converter. WolfVision recommends the fully compliant and tested adapter from AK-Nord. To simplify integration, WolfVision provides a customized version of the adapter ConLineXXL (firmware 4.1.8).
Manual for ConLineXXL for WolfVision Visualizers
RS232/LAN Converter

Whiteboard Pens for Dry-erase Working Surface

Optional accessory dry-erase working surfaces are available for WolfVision Visualizers which means that the speaker can write directly onto the Visualizer working surface during a presentation. Staedtler manufacture whiteboard pens that are suited to this purpose. Further details are available on their website.
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Whiteboard Pens Dry-erase Working Surface

Whiteboard Wiper for the Dry-erase Working Surface

For easy cleaning of the dry-erase working surface, products such as the whiteboard wiper produced by Staedtler are effective.
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Whiteboard Wiper for the Dry-erase Working Surface

Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+) Adapters

There are a large number of manufacturers of PoE-adapters (for example: HP, Cisco, Zyxel, Netgear, Linksys, Axis, ARP and many more). Products range from a simple injector (adapter) for one camera to large and expensive switches with PoE. When selecting a third party PoE/PoE+ injector it is very important that the injector meets the same standard as the Visualizer or camera (check user manual).

Some WolfVision devices are factory-fitted with a PoE/PoE+ injector.

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Microscope Adapters (for EYE-10 and EYE-12)

Use a microscope adapter to attach the EYE-10 or EYE-12 to a microscope.
The Austrian company MICRO-TECH-LAB and the US-company Microscopeworld sell microscope adapters.

Infrared Cut-off Filter (for EYE-10 and EYE-12)

Infrared transmitters are often used for transmitting audio, data or control signals. The human eye can not see the infrared light, but a digital camera, like the EYE cameras, can see it. When shooting an infrared transmitter with a digital camera, a red color noise is visible. Infrared cut-off filters make the infrared light invisible for the camera and improve the color saturation in environments with strong infrared light. Various manufacturers of digital camera accessories offer infrared filters. WolfVision tested a filter from the German manufacturer Heliopan:
Infrared cut-off filter "Digitalfilter 46 x 0.75" from Heliopan (German product page)
Heliophan filters (English Product Line brochure)
Price: approx. Euro 60.

Pan / Tilt Heads (for EYE-10 and EYE-12)

Pan / Tilt Heads are available from third party manufacturers that are suitable for use with the EYE Camera Series. Units from Crestron have successfully been installed with the WolfVision EYE-10 and EYE-12.

Ceiling Mounts (for Ceiling Visualizers)

The following links are to sites where ceiling projector mounts are available that offer compatibility with WolfVision Ceiling Visualizers.
www.chiefmfg.com (VZ-C3D)
www.chiefmfg.com (VZ-C6)
Unicol offer a range of adaptors that fit Unicol columns and ceiling brackets, and that can be connected to WolfVision products.
Unicol code WOL000001 (for VZ-C12 /VZ-C32)
Unicol code WOL000002 (for EYE-10 / EYE-12)
Unicol code WOL000003 (for VZ-C6 / VZ-C3D)

Magewell USB Capture HDMI frame grabber

Magewell manufactures a USB framegrabber that can be used with a Cynap Core to capture HDMI sources if required

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Magewell USB frame grabber for use with Cynap Core

Avteq mounting arm for VZ-C6

Avteq manufacture a mounting arm for the VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer which fits onto the top of the Avteq RPS-500S rollabout display stand.

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Avteq mounting arm for WolfVision VZ-C6 Visualizer