Technical Support

WolfVision Service

WolfVision systems are durable and reliable, and most units will never need any servicing. Most of our customers never need to contact a service technician. Those who do will discover that our handling of service issues is quick, efficient, and uncomplicated.

Since April 1 2011, WolfVision offers 5 years warranty on all Visualizer systems. Units are normally repaired on the same day that they arrive, with some repairs requiring 2-3 additional days for endurance testing. In most cases, units are returned to the customer within 48 hours. We endeavour to keep Visualizer spare parts available for as long as possible in order to extend the life of your investment.

WolfVision Cynap and Cynap Core systems come with a 3 years limited warranty, which can be extended to 5 years at the time of purchase.

If you call WolfVision you can usually expect to speak to a technician immediately.

Our service departments are equipped with the modern testing and measuring instruments, and our service technicians are regularly trained.
Here are the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of our international service departments:

WolfVision Office:  Sales area: Phone / E-Mail:
WolfVision Austria (Main office)
[email protected]
WolfVision USA, Atlanta
USA and Mexico
(770) 931-6802 and 1-877-873WOLF
[email protected]
WolfVision Japan, Tokyo
+81 3 6233 9465
WolfVision Singapore
Asia (except Japan, GUS and Arab countries)
[email protected]

Please make sure that you know the serial number of your unit before you call. The serial number is important to check the hardware and software components in our database and to see if the unit is still under warranty.

Our Service Staff / Contact Persons:

  • Ben Crider
  • Support Manager WolfVision USA
  • Armin Rusch
  • Support & Service Technician WolfVision Austria
  • Tomas Regassa
  • Service Technician, WolfVision USA
  • Gary Tay, Technical Manager, WolfVision Asia
  • Gary Tay
  • Technical Manager, WolfVision Asia

  • Hiroshi Kumagai
  • Support & Service Technician WolfVision Japan
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • WolfVision regularly holds service training sessions for our partners and distributors to maintain its first-class support network. Pictured are attendees at a training session in Singapore!
  • Andrew Madsen, Support Technician, WolfVision USA
  • Andrew Madsen
  • Service Technician, WolfVision USA