vSolution Cast: Screen mirroring for Windows devices!

Using our vSolution Cast software for Windows laptops and tablets in combination with a Cynap System, enables screen content from these devices to be quickly and easily mirrored to a display screen. The software can be run either directly from the device or via a connected USB stick or external hard drive containing the file. No installation is required, and simply double clicking the file opens a window that offers simple 'play' and 'stop' functionality.

Recent Windows devices running Windows 8.1 and above can also connect to Cynap Pure via Miracast. But vSolution Cast overcomes the possible limitation under certain configurations of Miracast whereby mirroring could be limited to only one device at a time. This software can also mirror Windows 7 devices that don‘t support the Miracast protocol. For higher security, use the vSolution Cast PIN which will be shown in the status bar or as pop-up message (depending on setting).

Key features

  • Stream up to 4 Windows device screens to Cynap
  • Touchback function enables Windows PC to be controlled via a touchscreen (mouse actions from Cynap are sent back to the PC - requires Cynap firmware v1.20 and above)
  • Easy to use
  • On-screen help
  • Supported OS: Windows 7 and above (Note: On Windows N versions, the respective Windows Media Feature Pack needs to be installed).
  • When connected to a Cynap system using vSolution Cast for Windows, it's possible to mirror either a single window or the entire desktop as required.

Download the software

>> vSolution Cast
Version 2.9

WolfVision vSolution Cast app for iOS, Android, and Windows