vSolution App: Get more from your WolfVision systems

WolfVision systems do not require the use of dongles, additional apps or software before they can be used. However there are a number of useful features such as recording content material onto a mobile device from a Cynap, or remote controlling a Visualizer via a smartphone or tablet, that we make available via our vSolution App.

Key features

  • Receive and record a stream of presentation and lecture content from a Cynap system onto your own mobile device.

  • For Android and iOS users in network environments where the mDNS / Bonjour service (device discovery protocols) have been disabled, the app enables users to mirror screen content to Cynap, Cynap Core, or Cynap Pure system via AirPlay or Chromecast.

  • Bluetooth device discovery provides support for Android and Apple-devices in environments where mDNS and Bonjour services are blocked. Cynap systems can be added automatically as receivers, and the listed devices are sorted in order of proximity.

  • vSolution App can be used as a convenient web conferencing controller when accessing Zoom or webRTC web conferences. Meetings can be started, joined, and controlled, and either a single Cynap window or all windows can be shared using the app.

  • An easy-to-use remote control function enables presenters to connect to a WolfVision Visualizer or Cynap/Cynap Core system, and then use the intuitive touchscreen interface to control their content materials wirelessly from their own mobile device.

  • Supported OS: Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.2 and above, iOS 10.3 and above, Android 5 and above.

Download vSolution App

vSolution App for Windows
Version 1.2.5

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